Jay's Dog Walking is now Life Logistics.

Jay's Dog Walking started in 2007. He set out to offer a higher level of service and reliability to the dog owners of Hoboken. This was accomplished by exceeding clients' preconceived expectations of a "dog walker". This was a recipe for success but it became apparent that clients could use a hand beyond pet care.

Life Logistics, LLC was inspired by a conversation between Jay and Mike, who was a client of Jay’s Dog Walking, in which they discussed the pitfalls of the busy, fast-paced lifestyles that is so common in thriving urban cities like Hoboken. Both agreed that the city offers many cultural and entertainment activities that are sometimes difficult to enjoy in our hectic lives.

Determined to improve the quality of life of their fellow residents, Jay and Mike combined their entrepreneurial skills and love of customer service to create a unique, one-stop service for all the needs of a typical city resident.

"You run your life. We run your errands."

How else we help.

  • Have you ever been in the situation of being confined to your home while waiting for a large delivery, home repair person or cable/internet installation? The inconvenience of having to wait in anticipation for unknown periods of time can be incredibly frustrating. In leaving the work up to us, you will no longer need to miss out on work, productivity or the simple pleasure of a carefree weekend. We will arrange to have one of our trusted professionals available to allow access to whomever you are expecting, as well as oversee the procedures and ensure the safety of your home so you are free to enjoy your day. Remember: our employees are insured, bonded, background cleared and fingerprinted to guarantee the privacy and safety of you and your belongings.

  • Flowers delivered to the office is one way of showing your significant other that you care. Arranging a car service to pick them up from work and whisk them away to a romantic excursion is another great way to show your love. Having a gourmet dinners waiting for them as soon as they walk through the door is even better. Adding beautiful table arrangements and warm, inviting decorations to create an even more intimate atmosphere is the icing on the cake—while we’re on the subject, did we mention dessert? We can arrange to have all of this waiting for you to celebrate any special occasion or just a quiet evening in.

  • As we grow, so will the scope of our services. We will continue to keep you informed of Life Logistics’s new and expansive offerings, as well as featured promotional events and specials. In the meantime, keep us informed of your needs. Let us know if there are any specific services you would like to see us provide in the future. Email any feedback or suggestions here.

Community Focus

We are working on offering additional services to facilitate participation, promote camaraderie and support the growth and expansion of our local businesses in hopes of further strengthening the bond of our tight-knit community.